Terrarium TV App Developer Quits, Says User Privacy Potentially at Risk

Terrarium TV App Developer Quits, Says User Privacy Potentially at Risk

For the record, Terrarium TV has nothing to do with Kodi. We weren’t even going to cover their closure until they released a statement today saying that identifying user data could potentially be shared with the authorities…

Earlier this week, NitroXenon, the developer behind Terrarium TV announced the sudden closure of his service. He didn’t mention why, but many speculated that he had been the subject of some sort of copyright lawsuit or what not. Anyone who had the app installed to their Android devices were suddenly left without it functioning.

Streaming apps come and go every day, but what’s so shocking about this situation is the public announcement the developer made this morning. He sent out a push notification to all users who still had the Terrarium TV apk installed on their devices, saying that users should immediately uninstall the discontinued app in order to protect their privacy.

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NitroXenon went as far as saying that he can’t guarantee that user details won’t be shared with authorities. We’ll give him points for honesty however. Most developers just give up all the data they have on users, to save themselves when the heat comes down on them. In this situation it seems like he’s slightly exagerrating the risk, in order to to shock users into uninstalling.

At the end of the day, Terrarium TV didn’t host nor direct link to infringing content. It scraped onine content in a method similar to how Kodi addons function. This means that even if their user access logs and IP addresses are compromised, there won’t be any tangible evidence of users ever actually committing copyright infringmement anyway.

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Terrarium TV has presented us with a useful teaching opportunity. The first thing to remember is that no matter how legitimate something seems, you can’t trust anyone online, or in real life for that matter. The second thing to remember is that the only way to guarantee your privacy is through the use of a VPN. Everyone should be using a VPN service at all times!

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