The Royal We Kodi Addon Removed Due to Copyright Complaint (

The Royal We Kodi addon has been removed from our web site and discussion forums after being mentioned in a lawsuit filed against us by Bell, Rogers, Videotron and TVA. Although the complaint didn’t include all of the proper components normally required within a DMCA takedown notice, we have decided to err on the side of caution and remove it anyway. Furthermore, the developer of this addon has since retired, so it’s not likely that we’ll be seeing The Royal We addon for Kodi again anytime soon. So far we haven’t seen any clones of The Royal We surface on the internet, which will certainly be music to the ears of the companies who hold a grievance against it.

It is doubtful that The Royal We Kodi addon is still functional, as its developer has retired and hasn’t updated it in a while. It should be noted that prior to the lawsuit filed against us, we had never received a single complaint in regards to The Royal We Kodi addon. From what we undertand, it scraped dozens of streaming sources at once, which would make verifying content licensing very difficult for us, meaning we will not be able to index addons like The Royal We in the near future. It seems that unless a web site has enough money to fight frivolous legal battles against companies with no budgets, it must proactively monitor the content shared by users. This is both difficult and time consuming, and really threatens innovation on the the internet.

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