Torrent & P2P Safety: File Sharing Without Getting Hacked or Fined

If you’re into torrents or P2P, you should be aware of the risks and ways of mitigating those risks. Everyone thinks they’ll never get into trouble for downloading a quick torrent or P2P streaming. Meanwhile, millions of people around the world get fined every year for it.

Torrent Safely with a VPN for Only $2.99/Month

When you download a torrent through most apps, known as torrent clients, you’re not only downloading. Unless you’ve set your client to “leech mode,” meaning you don’t reseed, you’re probably sharing that file too. We recommend the uTorrent client.

Furthermore, anyone else can also see that you’re downloading or sharing that file. Copyright trolls monitor popular titles and log everyone who has downloaded or streamed them. Once they have your IP address, they either sue you or send you a fine.

Torrent Safely with a VPN for Only $2.99/Month

And then there’s the risk of getting hacked. We’re going to say this once and once only: buy your software, don’t pirate it. It’s almost impossible to detect viruses in pirated software, even your virus scan won’t save you.

Now to the solution… If you have anything to do with torrents or P2P, a VPN is a must. Without a VPN, you leave yourself open to being hacked or screwed. Either way, it won’t be a good time. Using a VPN will also allow you to bypass site blocking and more!

Torrent Safely with a VPN for Only $2.99/Month

For the record, most Kodi addons don’t P2P or torrent. There are very few that do. You don’t have to worry about streaming torrents with Kodi addons through Real-Debrid or Premiumize, which act as a sort of proxy downloader.

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