Brand Identity Guidelines

We don’t mind people using our branding, as long as it is used towards something productive, something that benefits our community as a whole, and not to further any type of commercial interests. Maintaining the integrity of our brand is very important to us and we therefore ask you to please read through these guidelines carefully to avoid confusion.

Use of Branding

Branding may not be manipulated nor used for any commercial purposes (nor on YouTube) without written permission from a community administrator. In the event that such permission is granted, it will be required that our web site address be visible within reasonable sight. We’ll only allow addons located within our repository to contain the site name within their titles, however authorized developers may include our logo within their addon graphics.

Use of Name in Titles: TV ADDONS or TVADDONS.CO or

Use of Name in Files: tvaddons or

Permitted Abbreviations: TVA or tva

Examples of Misuse: TVAddons or tvAddons or TV Addons

Brand Identity Guidelines
Streamie (Community Mascot)

Brand Identity Guidelines


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for clarification. At the same time, if you notice misuse of our branding or logo, please report it to us immediately.

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