What Actually Happened to Our Original Domain Names (TV ADDONS and XBMC HUB)

What Actually Happened to Our Original Domain Names (TV ADDONS and XBMC HUB)

There appears to be a bit of misinformation spreading online (mostly in UK tabloids that are owned by the same media companies who are suing everybody). Certain people are under the impression that our user data and infrastructure may has been compromised. We’re hearing rumours that our original domain names are being “used by a law firm to spy on users.” This is simply false! There is nothing to worry about, in fact we hope that we have proven to everyone that we will do everything possible to protect our users privacy.

The most important thing to note is that a court judgement already said that our domains were unlawfully seized, and that everything should be returned to us. The only reason why they haven’t been returned is because: everyone has the right to an appeal. They initiated the appeal for the sole intention of delaying the return of our property. It is very unlikely that they win an appeal, after having been found to have acted unlawfully and violated our founder’s rights.

Now onto the subject of the law firm that is now marked as a registrant on the domains. This law firm that is holding our domains is not the law firm who is suing us. They are what is called an independent counsel, or neutral party. They have a legal obligation to protect our property at all cost, and prevent anyone (especially the law firm who is suing is) from gaining access to them. The law firm who is holding them is doing nothing more than protecting our property until the time that it will finally be returned after the appeal takes place.

As for the idea that a law firm could use the domains to monitor users. They are not the police, private companies cannot setup sting operations against private individuals using backdoors. Furthermore, the idea that the court would allow them to execute code on users’ devices without their consent, is a bit farfetched as well. And this is not comparable to when rightsholders monitor torrent sites, because they do that through public means without needing any backdoors, which is why they can legally monitor that way.

Lastly, for those who seem to think that our founder is giving up people’s information. He was always the person who was by far the most concerned about Kodi user privacy and security. He did not have allowed himself to know the true identities of anyone in the community. He constantly reminded the entire community about his views on privacy and security. And if you still aren’t convinced, ask yourself why there would be stories in the news about his human rights being violated if he was giving up people’s private information to entities in secret.

We have the law on our side, we always obeyed copyright regulations as required. We will beat any frivolous lawsuits brought against us, assuming we aren’t forced to give up due to lack of financial resources beforehand. We understand that most people can’t afford to donate, which is fine, but please help us rebuild by sharing our new site address on social media and by visiting our web site and discussion forums often.

If you read until this point, you deserve to know that we have the next generation of Kodi addons in the works, addons that will change the way people scrape content online. We aren’t going anywhere, the best is yet to come. We built this community from nothing and look what it became. Right now we are way further ahead than when we started years ago, we’ll continue to innovate and become bigger than ever, believe that.

As for the return of the tvaddons.ag and xbmchub.com domain names, it won’t be until their appeal can be heard, which could take between 8-15 months, meaning by the time we get them back they’ll be useless. Facebook is one of the most popular sites on the net, if it was down for 8 months, would you keep trying to access it? And our little community is definitely not Facebook.

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