URLResolver: Extracting Media Files from Cyberlocker Links for Kodi (Get Involved)

URLResolver: Extracting Media Files from Cyberlocker Links for Kodi (Get Involved)

URLResolver allows Kodi to stream online content by decoding the links to playable media files from one-click hosting sites known as cyberlockers. It’s a special type of Kodi addon, known as a dependency, because the functionality of other addons depend on it. URLResolver was first developed in July 2011 by t0mm0. It was later maintained by Eldorado, then tknorris, and most recently jsergio123. Hundreds of developers have contributed code over the years, and TV ADDONS has always been its home.

When you click on link at a streaming web site, you don’t get a direct link to the media file, you get a link to a web page from which you can download or stream the file. URLResolver is able to process the web page in order to instantly return the direct link to a playable media file that can be read by Kodi. Kodi handles the actual video playback though, as URLResolver doesn’t have any sort of video decoding mechanism. Since URLResolver doesn’t take care of the actual playback, it has nothing to do with buffering or speed issues.

If you’ve ever visited a one-click file hosting site, you’ll know that they usually require you to wait for the download to start, complete a CAPTCHA, or even register. All the while, they usually require you to disable your ad blocker and shoot all kinds of nuissances all over your computer screen. Generally, they also have limitation on how much a free account can download per day. URLResolver lets you stream as much as you want, without restrictions.

Since one-click hosting sites (cyberlockers) are monetized almost exclusively through advertising, they aren’t fond of URLResolver being used to access their content through Kodi. As you know, there are no ads in Kodi, and therefore neither streaming web sites nor one-click hosting sites are fond of URLResolver. They don’t make a dime from Kodi users, who still cost them tons of bandwith. Several large cyberlockers have actually cited Kodi as their reason for closing.

Without URLResolver, you wouldn’t be able to access your favourite home videos from Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, OpenLoad, or anywhere else that hosts media files. URLResolver also manages your connection to debrid services like Real-Debrid and Premiumize. Although powerful, URLResolver is content neutral and doesn’t have the ability to find or browse content on the internet, it needs to be fed the links from another Kodi addon or source.

Due to the fact that cyberlockers are constantly trying to prevent URLResolver and similar tools like JDownloader from accessing their content, it makes the development and maintenance of URLResolver significantly more difficult than the development of your standard Kodi addon. Right now the community is really lacking in people who have the time and talent necessary to repair individual resolvers each time they break.

Despite what certain copyright bullies might want people to believe, content neutral technologies must be protected. URLResolver doesn’t look for a specific type of content and is therefore undeniably lawful. It cannot be held responsible for the abuse of individual addon developers or users. URLResolver doesn’t know the difference between videos of your child’s ballet recital, cat videos, or any other type of streaming title.

If you have programming skills and want to give your shot at URLResolver development for the benefit of the entire Kodi addon community, we’d be honoured to have you collaborate. Please visit the URLResolver Development GitHub page, fork URLResolver, and submit as many pull requests as you’d like. There’s no commitment necessary, and we appreciate all the help we can get. New developers coming forward is the key to our continual existence.

In order to ensure that you’ll always receive the latest URLResolver updates as they become available, please download our new community repository. We strongly discourage the installation of URLResolver from other repositories which could potentially be pushing rogue versions. It should be noted that older versions of URLResolver are also hosted within the official Kodi repository, however they haven’t been updated in quite some time.

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