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Kodi Addons: The Current State of URLResolver / ResolveURL Development (Get Involved)


It’s no secret that the Kodi addon community has lost many developers since the lawsuits that were brought against us last summer. This has left the developers who remain in a tough situation, where they’re stuck working much harder than they would normally be, due to the lack of code contribution. This lack of contributors is very apparent when it comes to what is arguably the most important Kodi addon of all time, URLResolver.

At the current time, URLResolver code is being developed for the most part by one person, jsergio123, through his ResolveURL fork – he is not actively contributing the code, it’s being backported as per the open source license. There are a few developers who have been contributing code over the past year as well: Gujal00, azzy9, catchup4kodi and Twilight0 – but that’s about it.

If you haven’t realized it by now, we need more people to step up and contribute to URLResolver development. If you have any background in programming or Python, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to try to contribute code through our GitHub page. When it comes to Kodi addons, remember that no one started off as an expert, so don’t get discouraged. No fix is too small.

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