Help Wanted: We’re Always Recruiting Support Staff and Developers

Help Wanted: We're Always Recruiting Support Staff and Developers

You might not think about it very often, but behind all that free entertainment you’re watching, are human beings volunteering tirelessly in order to make this all possible. As our community grows, we’ve began to notice disproportionality when it comes to new end users versus new contributing members.

We’re going to need some help if continuous growth is expected of us, because the community is starting to become burdensome for our current staff members who are being forced to take time away from their families in order to provide support to our userbase. You might even have some fun, who knows?

Job Descriptions

Support Staff – We really need people who can work the “first line” of support to newbies just getting started with Kodi. Many of the issues encountered are quite simple, no advanced knowledge is necessary, just free time and the will to give back to the community by helping others. Aside from that, if you have anything else to offer, we’ll be glad to take you up on it.

Addon Developers – Right now the entire community is relying on pretty much a handful of developers. As more and more people use these addons, they become harder to maintain, so having more developers creating new addons would give better redundancy and hopefully new functionality as well. Anyone with experience in PHP or Python should be able to get started, assuming they’re willing to put in the effort.

How to Apply

Support Staff – We’re a community of volunteers, so any help you’re willing to give will be appreciated, there’s no sort of vetting process right off the bat. Just register at our discussion forums and start helping people out. If you’re like to join the team officially, message a staff members to show your interest once your post count has surpassed 500 posts.

Addon Developers – It would be a good idea to start off looking at other addons to see how they do things, read a bit, and work your way from there. You’ll find existing developers within our discussion forums are extremely accomodating towards those who put in the effort to learn, and are definitely willing to mentor the less experienced. Create what you’ll enjoy!

That’s it for now, we said what we had to say, hopefully someone listens. Assuming we get a few new people who care about the community, we’ll be good. Please let your friends know that we’re looking, and remember that every little bit of help counts! Don’t forget the street cred you’ll get from being able to say that you’re part of the crew.

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