Christmas Fundraiser for the Founder of the TV ADDONS Platform

Christmas is around the corner and as you know our management has had a difficult year as a result of the lawsuits. On a good note however, we have already successfully brought one of the lawsuits to end. Just one more left to go! Our fundraising has not been in vain, we intend to affirm internet rights for all.Christmas Fundraiser for the Founder of the TV ADDONS PlatformChristmas Fundraiser for the Founder of the TV ADDONS PlatformWe understand that we probably aren’t people’s number one cause to donate too, especially since our addon library is currently quite limited. That being said, if no one takes the Canadian Telecom Cartel head on, they will continue to trample people’s rights again and again, seizing all their property without trial.

In case anyone is wondering where all that money we raised through GoFundMe in the past went, it all went to our lawyers, and we still owe hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, just because our American lawsuit ended in what we consider a good note, it still cost quite a bit of money we don’t have.

If you can afford and are willing to donate, anything would be truly appreciated. And if you can’t afford, or aren’t willing, we still love you nonetheless.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our community!

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