Dutch Kodi Addon Repository XvBMC Shuts Down Amid Legal Pressure from BREIN

Dutch Kodi Addon Repository XvBMC Shuts Down Amid Legal Pressure from BREIN

Earlier this week, a popular unofficial Kodi addon repository known as XvBMC Nederland abruptly shuttered its doors, citing legal threats from the Dutch anti-piracy outfit known as Stichting BREIN.

As far as we’ve heard, a bailiff hand delivered a cease and desist letter to the home of the XvBMC repository’s administrator. It is not clear how they uncovered his identity, but the fact that their group was highly active on Facebook certainly didn’t do them any favours.

Broadband TV News has reported that additionally, the cease and desist ordered the XvBMC administrator pay 2500 EUR and sign a statement of abstention, promising not to infringe on their rights in the future.

Failing to comply with their demands would have meant that the XvBMC would be sued and forced to defend himself at great cost. Realistically this outcome wasn’t the worst that could have happened, and could be seen by some as fair.

In case anyone is interested in the public statement that was posted to XvBMC’s GitHub page:

“By order of Stichting BREIN, ‘XvBMC Repository’ is no longer offered because films, TV series and music were made available on a large scale without permission via this repository. The making available to the public of copyright-protected works in this way infringes the copyrights and neighboring rights of the copyright holders to those works. Streaming from unauthorized sources is also prohibited in the Netherlands. ‘XvBMC Repository’ has reached a settlement with Stichting BREIN. For legal content providers, ‘XvBMC Repository’ refers you to thecontenmap.nl and film.nl.”

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